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Planning a Wedding
Baby in Baptism Clothes

Baptism, Marriage and Funerals

Marking the start of a new life, the making of a public commitment in a marriage ceremony and giving thanks for the life of someone who has died. These milestones are a common reason for people wanting to be in touch with our churches.



The Methodist Church holds that all people are special to God. All are loved by God and therefore have value, dignity and worth. In a Baptism service, we create an opportunity for a child to be welcomed into a family and a community. We recognise the love and grace of God toward the child right from the start. We commit ourselves as parents, families, friends, as godparents and as a Church family to support this precious life. We pray for God's blessing upon them and their families, all who will be involved in their upbringing and nurture.


Knock Methodist Church is a place for couples to come together to make a public and private commitment to love and honour each other before God. Our experienced minister will guide you through the day and help with all the practical aspects of planning. We believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between two people and God and we are here to help you create a special ceremony that celebrates your union. We will be with you throughout the process, from the first appointment to the big day. We invite you to join in the joy of marriage and to begin your journey together in our church.

Giving thanks for the life of someone who has died


We have an experienced ministerial staff and others who can competently conduct the service for your loved one when the time comes. Whether this be a service at a Church, a Cemetery, or a Crematorium, or a combination of these, we can compassionately be alongside you at this time and support you in honouring the person who has died.

If you would like to discuss any of these life events, please contact Rev. Fiona in the first instance.

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