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Knock Methodist Church has been a cornerstone of faith within this local Belfast community since 1869. We are a vibrant and diverse congregation of people from all walks of life, united in our faith and committed to living it out. We strive to be a place where everyone can feel welcome and be part of Christ's family. At Knock Methodist Church, we believe that faith is meant to be lived out in everything we do and are a welcoming community, one that builds relationships and encourages each other to grow in faith. 


We offer something for everyone, from Worship Services and Bible study, fellowship and learning, community outreach, special events and programs, and simply a place to belong. We strive to offer a supportive and caring environment, with an emphasis on loving each other, living the faith and learning the way of Jesus. Visit us online through this FaceBook short. And learn more about our story here. 


Come and join us in person and see for yourself the impact of a faithful community.

our minister: 
Rev Fiona McCrea.jpg
our staff:
Lesley Moreland_edited.jpg
Lesley Moreland
Laura Bryce_edited.jpg
Laura Bryce

Church Office Secretary

Denis Totton

Director of Music

our elected officers:
Wilma Reid_edited.jpg
Wilma Reid

Society Steward

Michael Beattie_edited.jpg
Michael Beattie

Secretary of Council

Peter Gibson.jpg
Peter Gibson
Jeremy Adams_edited.jpg
Jeremy Adams

Property Steward

Serving Council Members
Laura Donald.jpg
Laura Donald
Lucy Fenton_edited.jpg
Lucy Fenton
Gillian Gibson_edited.jpg
Gillian Gibson
Andrew McCutcheon.jpg
Andrew McCutcheon


Hilary Neill
Brian Porter_edited.jpg
Brian Porter
Rosie Image_edited_edited.jpg
Rosie Purvis
Ivan Ritchie_edited.jpg
Ivan Ritchie
patricia council.jpg
Patricia Stothers
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